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USA West Coast road trip

What is the difference between a regular car and a ride? Traveling by car is just an easy way to get to your destination. Destination while driving is a means of destination. The trip, however, is an independent holiday. There are places, people and scenic roads on the way. We have unknown trips ahead, and part of the pleasure of traveling planning and forecasting one of them.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraveling over rough terrain raises most auto travel planners because there is something attractive on the open road. it attracts attention. Instead of exploring a state of the deep, you can cross the border to enjoy many states. Finding a balance between defeating the largest number of countries and “enjoying the tour” can be quite relative, but even with an international goal, the quality is still primarily it is best to focus less than more on a blurred highway to ease these you can rent a car at San Francisco airport enterprise.

Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino

Here, Highway 1 is a two-way winding road called the Shoreline Highway, which begins in Leggett. In Mendocino County, both the vineyards and the microbreweries are at your disposal, and the coastal scenery is beautiful. Sonoma County is known for more than 250 wine bars, but here you will also find beaches that are considered the cleanest in the state, as well as parks, Quarrell Botanical Gardens, and several museums. Most residents of Sonoma County live in Santa Rosa.

San Francisco

Highway 1 between San Francisco and Santa Cruz is a major highway, making this part of the journey less interesting in driving. Of course, it is worth staying in San Francisco, and if you want to explore the city by the car after a 49-mile drive, it is highly recommended.

Santa Cruz

Known as the premier city for anyone involved in water sports, Santa Cruz offers a relaxing vacation where you can learn to surf, play beach volleyball or use the Beach Boardwalk, a small amusement park near the ocean. Also take the chance to wear O’Neill’s clothes, if you wear sweaters, T-shirts or other surfing/skateboarding clothes, for Santa Cruz is where everything started.


For golfers, the area between Carmel and Monterey offers many opportunities for quality recreation. Pebble Beach Golf Links is one of the most famous golf courses where several professional competitions are held, and the Del Monte golf course is one of the oldest golf courses in the country.

Monterey Bay

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is the main attraction of Monterey and is highly recommended. Founded in 1984, it uses seawater saltwater and action as a wave machine to provide the right climate for thousands of spices, including Giant Kelp.

The coastline Big Sur

Big Sur Highway 1 is by far the most dramatic part, with sometimes difficult rides, but also stunning views of the ocean and magnificent red forests. This stretch of highway 1 is the official national scenic road.

California Sea Coast Pacific Nature Big Sur Ocean


In Malibu, you will find an exciting mix of stunning views and impressive homes. Driving through Malibu and its surroundings are several beaches and other places worth visiting. After the Malibu 1 highway continues as a city street through Los Angeles and Orange County, and if you go south, your journey ends.